5-5 Sports

“Five-Five Sports” is an unbiased, unfiltered podcast-style radio show that analyzes the world of sports, more specifically the world of the top five major sports in North America, through critical eyes. The show takes the biggest news stories and controversies from the games, and addresses their implications for what is to come. Our main focus is on Football (NFL), Baseball (MLB), Basketball (NBA), Hockey (NHL) and Soccer (MLS). Even with a focus on the five big leagues within America (as well as Canada) we don’t forget about other sports within the world. There will be mentions, talks and discussion on the big events in sports that aren’t part of the top five, such as the WNBA, CFL, international sports, and how the sports world is handling the pandemic. Through big and bold personalities of our hosts, Evan Rootenberg and Matthew Choi, as well as intense debates and discussions among many, this show will educate and entertain everyone that is interested in all things sports. When it comes to sport, everyone has an opinion, so listen in to see how our takes measure up with everyone else’s. You won’t want to miss out on our opinions and debates, catch us weekly on Tuesday’s from 11am-12pm, only on Spiritlive.