Toronto Tea

“Toronto Tea” consists of a diverse group of four Ryerson Media students spilling the most recent Toronto “tea”, and it is back (and better) for its second season. The hosts of the show– Munara, Minhaj, Justine, and Lindsay, are four big personalities coming from vastly different backgrounds, and living in different parts of the GTA. However, they all share one important thing– the same love for Toronto media. Each episode, the hosts introduce what is hot and new in Toronto entertainment, business, nightlife, and politics. Along with that will be personal anecdotes, guest interviews, live performances, and “Underrated”, a segment where the hosts listen to three Canadian songs each episode, and decide whether it is truly underrated or not. In season two, the goal of the show is to dig a little deeper into the Toronto community, aiming to cover the stories, events, music, and people that are vastly underrepresented in mainstream media outlets, but are relevant and exciting to the young people in the community.  As always, listening to the hosts would be like listening to your close friends, with the discussions full of lighthearted banter, local slang, a great deal of genuine laughter, and most importantly, many cups of hot, simmering “tea”. 

  1. Episode 1 Toronto Tea 50:02