The Raben Report

Ignorance will NOT be bliss once you tune into The Raben Report and learn about the different issues affecting YOUR life. Get the facts, without doing the research! Listen to Elliott, Marshall, Adam and Daniel duke it out, in the battle of discourse. Totally uncut, unfiltered and unavailable anywhere else.

The show features panelists Marshall Darbyshire and Daniel Hernandez, fourth year Politics and Governance students at Ryerson University as well as Tamar Lyons a fourth year Media Production student also at Ryerson, and of course host Elliott Raben, a third year Media Production student – hence the name The Raben Report. Together, host and panelists, we create meaningful discussions about important topics. Too often, people are so fired up about politics that they can no longer have civilized discussions. We strive to change that. Through our personal conversations, as well as with special guests and live viewer comments, The Raben Report fosters an environment of acceptance and non-judgment no matter the viewpoint.

The Raben Report is THE show for anyone and everyone interested in politics, and the important issues that others are too afraid to talk about.

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  1. Episode #601 The Raben Report 1:00:44
  2. Episode #602 The Raben Report 57:59
  3. Episode #603 The Raben Report 1:00:32
  4. Episode #604 The Raben Report 1:02:17
  5. Episode #605 - Sex in Society The Raben Report 1:20:25