The KMN Show

Ever have those midweek cravings for hockey? Saturday night is only three days away, but it feels like a lifetime away. How about when you’re on the homework grind and need a show to listen to? Or what if you are just a hockey fan tired of all the regular voices, looking want a breath of fresh air?

If any of these applied to you, or are just a hardcore hockey fan, then The KMN Show is the show for you. Get the latest in the hockey world from your hosts Kyle Cushman, Matt Mallard, and Nigel Gubekjian, as they break down and analyze the biggest news from the week that was. From the high flying Toronto Maple Leafs, to our hottest takes on the NHL, The KMN Show has something for every hockey fan. Be sure to tune in for segments such as the Stock Market and Real Deal where we put our reputation on the line to help out your fantasy team. Watch out for our monthly Stanley Cup picks and of course, our burning hot takes. Listen live every Wednesday at noon with your hosts Kyle, Matt, and Nigel to get that midweek hockey fix you’ve been missing.

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