Review: Zayn – PILLOWTALK

Friday, January 29th — a day many had been anxiously anticipating.

Zayn Malik — former 1/5 of One Direction, and now, just Zayn — dropped his new single “PILLOWTALK,” his official debut release as a solo artist since his departure from the British boy band.

Less than 12 hours after its world premiere, the music video had more than 1 million views on VEVO, and had been played on my phone approximately the same amount of times — possibly more.

The song definitely screams edgy in comparison to the cookie-cutter pop we’re used to hearing from Malik. The heavy bass and sensual lyrics attribute to a far more mature sound — definitely not a bad transition. His vocal performance was also on point, obviously. As many One Direction fans know, Zayn’s solos were often the strongest, and most technically impressive.

If there’s something to critique, it’s the amount of editing producers added to the vocal during the chorus. The layering — which seemed to create an echo effect without the use of Auto-Tune — really took away from his raw talent in that particular portion of the song.

Overall, PILLOWTALK’s R&B vibes set the tone for his solo sound, and I for one am excited. It’s clear he’s finally able to release a style of music he’s far more comfortable performing and promoting. It also seems to match his newfound bad ass image.

It appears that Zayn has finally arrived, and he’s more than welcome to stay.

By: Cara Licastro