Life’s a Glitch

Life’s a Glitch is a one-time TARA nominated weekly exploration of the simulation you know as reality. Join your simulation matrons Luke Avoledo, Liam Hart, and Boman Reid, as they dismantle the poorly coded fabric of space and time. Each week they expose a new set of eerie conspiracies, inexplicable happenstances, pop culture mysteries, and more.


The show weaves in and out of Kafkaesque long-form discussions, rapid-fire short-form absurdist segments, gorgeously glamorous music, star-studded guest appearences, and pop-culture worship the likes of which could only be brought to you by three angry delusional gay men. It’s the most political, most outrageous, most audacious, most auspicious, most illiterate, and most importantly one-time TARA nominated show of all time.


Life’s a Glitch was born out of the inevitable questions about life that everyone has. Is Avril Lavigne a clone? Did Nelson Mandela die in jail? Is there an afterlife? Is Boman’s roommate a simulation warden? Who runs this simulation anyway? Can they see me typing this? Do they think that I’m pretty? Do the men on Craigslist Missed Connectionsactually exist? Find out none of this, by tuning in Friday’s at 6pm to the one-time TARA nominated Spiritlive experience, Life’s a Glitch.

  1. Episode 1 Life's a Glitch 50:00
  2. Episode 2 Life's a Glitch 50:00
  3. Episode 3 Life's a Glitch 50:00
  4. Episode 4 Life's a Glitch 50:00
  5. Episode 5 Life's a Glitch 50:01
  6. Episode 6 Life's a Glitch 50:00
  7. Episode 7 Life's a Glitch 50:01
  8. Episode 8 Life's a Glitch 50:00
  9. Episode 9 Life's a Glitch 50:00
  10. Episode 10 Life's A Glitch 50:00
  11. Episode 11 Life's A Glitch 50:00