10 reasons 6Fest was fantastic… despite no Drake appearance

Being within the crowd at 6Fest I noticed one thing; the mutual feeling of suspense as everyone patiently waited for Drake. It was quite electrifying, really. Every time Drake had a part in a featured guests song or his own song was played a little bit of hope was added to each individuals heart. If you think this feeling did not exist then you’re lying to yourself. Because it was there.

Any who, spoiler alert kids, Drake did not show up. And as much as I feel personally attacked (just kidding, relax) I’m going to blame it on the fact that Drake’s ankle was really poorly damaged and lets be real – we need our 6 God to heal. But everyone relax your pretty little heads because despite not having Drake, 6fest was still kick ass.

  1. Free sunglasses and beads thrown at the crowd

Ryerson gave out some free merch. Lets get real we all love free stuff. Being a student myself, I accept the fact that I’m broke so receiving anything remotely free makes my heart flutter a little bit. Even though it might be completely useless – its the sentiment that counts.

  1. 6fest is two bloody days long!

I feel like we need to look at the bigger picture here, Ryerson. Every year we get a concert that is two.days.long. Go see if UofT does. (No shade… all love.)

  1. So much love to go around

Being at 6fest I felt the love. Whether it was the couple making out beside me, the group of friends all dancing and rapping together, or being completely squished in between two complete strangers one thing was for sure; this event is always the perfect opportunity to spread the Ryerson love together. And we do.

  1. Experiencing the raging bass that followed Diplo

Diplo knew how to get a school up and jumping. With his killer remixes and infectious beats everyone was waving their arms and engulfing themselves in the bass. If you look closely to the video you can even see one mate’s legs in the air. Now thats a true good time.

  1. Celebrating reading week with Pusha T

2Lets be real… being able to take a break from school and able to come out and see Pusha T. That. Is. Dope. That is all. Think about that for a moment. Let it soak in.






6. Witnessing Roy Wood$ mad foot work


6fest allowed students to experience Roy Wood$ sultry lyrics with back beats that give a soul feel while having an electronic hip hop beat. At songs “How I feel” and “Gwan big up urself” Roy show cased his vocals but also his wicked dance moves that hyped the crowd even more.



  1. Hearing DVSN live

Enough said. If you have never heard DVSN live, YOU MUST. It was absolutely fantastic. The clarity of Daniel Daley was just astounding. His falsetto ALONE could make a girl melt to the floor. It was unreal.








  1. The unreal mashup of Aaliyah and Michael Jackson

If you were not 6fest you could not experience the gift that DVSN had given us which was the beautiful and incredibly awesome mix of Aaliyahs ‘One in a million’ and Michael Jacksons, ‘Billie Jean’. A true gift was presented at that moment.


  1. Being able to scream “HAAAN” over and over again

With French Montana making an appearance Ryerson was filled with joy while they got hyped to   his newest music and classics from when he started. But most importantly, we all got the share the moment of screaming “HAAN” with French as loud as we could. It was liberating.4


  1. This festival reminds us how lucky we are to have an awesome school

Despite no Drake, we all have to remember how awesome RU truly is in giving us a night to remember.




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