Queen Of The Clouds – Tove Lo REVIEW

Artist: Tove Lo

Album: Queen Of The Clouds

By Jessica Lam

You’re gone and I gotta stay/High all the time/To keep you off my mind…

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard the song “Habits (Stay High)” by the Swedish singer, Tove Lo.

Her latest album, Queen of the Clouds, is a mix between alternative rock and electropop. The album centers around a relationship and a breakup, separated into three distinct parts: “The Sex”, “The Love”, and “The Pain”. Listeners can really hear this progression in both her lyrics and vocals, from the ecstasy of a budding romance to the melancholy sadness of its ending.

The passion in the beginning, it’s always going to be the best part of it. The songs in “The Sex” revolve around the “honeymoon stage”, and are very upbeat and energetic. Starting off with “My Gun” and “Like Em Young”, she talks about the early, passionate physical aspects of the relationship. “Talking Body” delves into how things become more serious and “Time Bomb” is where she contemplates whether the relationship is worth the risk. Here we experience the musical transition of Tove Lo really falling in love.

And then you freak out, ‘cause suddenly you need this person. “The Love” portion of the album is where the lyrics become more emotional. In “Moments”, she convinces herself that although she has many flaws, she has something to offer. “The Way That I Am” actually chronicles her falling in love, but how her partner wants her to change. “Got Love” describes the fire of the relationship and on “Not On Drugs”, my favourite track off the album, she compares her feelings to an incredible high.

And then there’s no good way to end things, ‘cause it’s ending, you know? In “The Pain”, you start to register the pain in her voice. In “Thousand Miles”, she describes how her feelings are no longer being reciprocated, but still continues their physical relationship. In “Habits (Stay High)”, she outlines all the gory details of how she tries to get over the breakup – eating junk food, drinking, doing drugs, sleeping around. In “This Time Around”, she reminisces about their relationship. In “Run On Love” and “Love Ballad”, she talks about how they temporarily get back together and how she’d do anything for him.

Overall, the album is really unique, especially when it comes to the separation of each section, like chapters in a novel, or acts in a play. Tove Lo’s lyrics are absolutely beautiful, and the passion she emits while singing these songs is truly moving.

I’m heading out to purchase Queen of the Clouds, and so should you.

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